Why you require Motivation daily?

You can increase your value by self-development.

The story goes that a scrap dealer had a guitar and he was selling it in an auction. He picked up the guitar, full of dust on it, and plucked the string. The sound was horrific because strings were not tuned. He dejectedly started the bid from $100, but nobody raised a hand to buy. Then he came to $60 but still nobody to buy.

Suddenly one person came out from the last rows and said, ”Just a minute.” He took the guitar from the auctioneer and looked over it, cleaned it with a cloth and then he attuned all the strings. Then with a pick from his pocket, he started playing it. Perhaps he was a professional guitar player. The guitar was a Gibson’s. The people there were mesmerized by the music coming out of the guitar.

The auctioneer restarted the auction. The price dramatically went up to 200 bucks, then 500 and finally it reached to $2000. From $ 60 to $ 2000. Why? Because a master had attuned it and shown it’s worth.

Think about yourself, the theme of this story — and the theme of the YOU —are the same. That is, the value of a product, like a guitar … and the value of a person, like you and me … can increase 100 times over — even a thousand times over — with just a little fine-tuning.

You are offspring of your creator and best of the best creations on this planet, but you have not been attuned till date by a master. You are ignorant of your value.

If you have faith in your creator’s art, just get yourself attuned (find your dream and purpose), work on his given dream and then see your value, you will be invaluable to this world and yourself.