The Ladder of Success

Few people know that the Ladder of success is crowded at the bottom, but it is not so at the top. Why? The reasons, thereof, and nine rules to check whether the ladder you are climbing is leaning against the right wall or not have been discussed in the book. This is necessary to check before climbing because there have been people who climbed the ladder and on reaching the destination, they found that the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall. They had to start from scratch.

Procrastination is “the natural assassin of an opportunity.” It is “the slow death” because it starves action to death, rather than dealing it one fatal blow.  This book also discusses how to beat the procrastination and do things now.

In nature, the homing pigeon is a remarkable bird. It has an uncanny instinct that enables it to fly back to its home roost, no matter how far away it starts or in what direction it must go. Our body also has such system which helps us achieving success once we write our goals and start working for our goals. The book discusses specifically that success system of our body.

Most people do what they don’t love because many of them don’t know what they love to do. This is known as one’s Passion. If you do what you love, then chances of your mega-success increase and those of failure decrease. This book has a special coverage on how to find one’s passion, which will be very useful for all the readers.

 The book also discusses in details the prioritization of the activities to save time so that more work can be done in less time.

Besides, the book highlights many other essential topics like how we are conditioned since our childhood which damages our belief system severely, attitude and its development, visualization of success even before you realize it, how to avoid failures in your life and take failures as opportunities, delayed gratification and many more. Buy this book Here or Here.