Success is not in work but in YOU

It is said that successful people do things differently, whatever they do. The success is not in a job, profession or business but it is in the person doing it. Why in the person?

Success in anything comes by doing that work with passion and like a person with blind faith in that thing.

When you do something with that faith, passion and drive then question does not remain if you will succeed in that or not. Then it is not a matter of IF your dream will happen but it becomes a matter of WHEN your dream will happen.

This drive is in all of us but we don’t know how to unleash it. Successful people know how to unleash it and achieve success. If we learn this then we can also achieve success.
How it happens in the context of these charismatic people only? How they become such game-changers? 

It happens because the person doing that work converts himself into such a mold that it can be termed as a mold of success, in which whatever you pour or place, it comes out perfectly shaped like success.
If you develop your character like this then whatever you do will happen in this way only. That’s why it is said that success is not in the work but in YOU…

Most people don’t succeed or achieve those higher levels because they cling to that lower level or comfort zone and don’t want to give up this lower level. 

Successful people give up their mediocrity to achieve greatness because until you give up a lower level you can’t go to a higher level.
Jim Rohn has rightly said, “If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” And this is what happens with the mediocre people, they always remain settled for ordinary, they remain stuck for security and don’t go for the unknown, for the unsecured, for the road less traveled…

Whatever successful people start they start it with the end in their mind. They start with success already seen in their visualizations. The visualized images are so clear that they see it in physical form before them. It is said that Tesla got intuition and sight of a motor physically running in front of him, before inventing the alternating current motor in 1888.

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.
— Michael John Bobak

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.”– Anthony Robbins

Successful people learn in their lives to forget one thing forever and that is to please everybody. This is surely the biggest reason for failure. Those who set out to change the world are iconoclasts who would do such things and in such ways that the traditions will be shattered and most walls of pleasing everybody are to be razed only then something unique comes out in the world.
We have the following examples which show that all those visionaries were essentially iconoclasts and not people pleasers:

He ran the motor in his mind for almost three months. He made alterations in the drawings in his mind and later he took apart each motor part in his mental picture, juggled a few pieces around and he came up with a new design. History is replete with such examples.  Everything is created twice, once in mind and then in reality.  So the successful people become comfortable with their dream in their mental images, and then it is easily converted in their reality.

Successful people do anything with passion and they don’t worry that they will be paid for it or not. They work with passion even if they are paid for it less or not at all because when you do something for money then it is not your passion it becomes your job. So stop doing anything for money but do it for your passion then only it will be done in the best way.

Studies show that people who did crazy things, who went out of the box thinking only did extraordinary things. The successful people have a drive, madness inside them and they are mostly the crazy ones who think they will change the world and they do it. That’s why it is said that success is in the man because they do the work with such a craze that people can only say how it happened.

Successful people do things differently than unsuccessful people. Martin Luther King Jr. has rightly said, “If a man is called to be a street sweeper. He should sweep streets even as a Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all hosts of heaven and earth pause to say; here lives a great sweeper who did his job well “. That again means that success is in the man not in the job, business or profession because successful people do the things in a different way and this changes the whole situation or equation.

  • When Walt Disney came out with the idea to produce the full length animated film Snow White in 1930s, he didn’t listen to Hollywood experts who thought Snow White was a stupid idea and his brother Roy who told him “You will ruin us.”
  • The Catholic Church ostracized Galileo for daring to suggest earth circled the Sun. They were wrong, but it took them almost 400 years to admit their error. 
  • JP Morgan, the most powerful financial banker told Alexander Graham Bell, “Your telephone invention has no commercial value.”
  • The Scientific American magazine proclaimed the Wright brothers flight a hoax.
  • IBM engineers in the late 1970s told reporters the personal computer makes no sense.
  • Albert Einstein was booted out of high school and failed to qualify for an electrical engineering College. He was a visionary but was being evaluated by bureaucrats caught up in the analysis paralysis. Einstein graduated from Switzerland Polytechnique but didn’t get a teaching job and instead got a clerk’s job in a patent office in 1905 where he wrote his theory of relativity. He submitted the theory to Switzerland Polytechnique and was granted his doctorate but they still refused to hire him. 

There are thousands of such goofs in history which only show if we think to please people then we would not be where we are today.Successful people when set out to do anything they keep aside all excuses and adopt the behavior of an ant which says there is a way for doing anything and you have to find it. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse, and that is what unsuccessful people find for themselves. They keep on doing things for years alone and their results are zero. They remain in mediocrity and keep on giving excuses one after the other. You can either give excuses or get the results and not he both. That’s why success is in YOU and not in…

The one quality that stands apart from everything else is perseverance and successful people have this inculcated into them in metric tons. They take the action immediately on the opportunities as soon as they come across them and they don’t wait for analysis as this causes paralysis.

Most people fail because they are unable to cash and miss out on hunches, intuitions, and insights but for the security and conformity. The successful people keep on taking little action daily in the direction of their dreams and these small actions over time turn into massive monoliths of action for success.

There are times when every one of us on the path of success has been mired into challenges. At those times nothing seems to be working in our way. It seems that we are stuck with the things, strategies are not working, actions are not bearing any results, success seems to elude us more and more and finances also become very thin making it difficult to pull further on. Colleagues and partners lose their faith in the quest due to unprecedented and unexpected failures of our efforts. In such tough times also successful people keep on moving forward and learning from their mistakes. They never think of quitting because most people who quit at such times later came to know that they were very near to their success but they quit and it all ended unceremoniously. These times are like preludes to the big success and those who withstand these times find success in very unprecedented manners and serendipitously. That’s why we say success is in YOU and not in …

For successful people, their dream is everything they don’t listen to naysayers and don’t take the advice of those who are negative. They are so positive that they make the bricks, thrown at them by the critics, their stones for laying their foundation in their endeavor. Naysayers keep on saying nasty things but successful people don’t distract their attention towards naysayers.  John D. Rockefeller Jr. said, “The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well”, and this is what successful people do. They do the same things which unsuccessful people do but in an uncommon way.

That’s what successful people do and the saying goes success is in YOU…

Successful people know that success does not happen by accident but it ensues by the massive action, faith, and determination of the doer. It is only these success qualities with a preparation that meet the opportunity and produce results. The unsuccessful people call it luck. Success by luck but only successful people know how much preparation is behind this so-called luck and that’s why it is said that success is in YOU AND YOU ARE ALSO ONE OF THE SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE IF ONLY YOU LEARN ALL THESE QUALITIES.