How to monetize YouTube

It’s time to think about your career. Recently you may have stepped into adulthood, by blowing off eighteen wax candles, or you may be about to do so, shortly.

After some years, there will be a hanging question mark over your career from the ceiling of your roof.

Isn’t that true?

And at the same time, isn’t that worrying for you?

But what if I tell you that you can bring an end to all those situations. After all our country has gone through many technological advancements, there are a lot of new career options, that have popped up before us.

The biggest advantage of those options is that they are dependable. And they could provide you with a lot of money if you see them in their right perspective.

Let’s take a glimpse at one of them, which has been a big part of the trend, for quite a long time.


YouTube has come out as one of the most popular career choices in the past few years.

The YouTube community has increased exponentially, and that’s where there are things that have turned upside down.

Some of the popular channels such as Mostlysane, etc. have hit the conventions and male chauvinism, with everything they could, and it sets up an excellent example for all of us.

Prajakta Koli’s Mostlysane YouTube channel is an excellent showcase of her achievements and hard work. Reviewing products, gadgets, or even modeling have become very common. But reaching out to the audience is the most important thing, and that’s where marketing steps in.

Running a YouTube channel is as worthy as running a stock market terminal from a cubicle!

But being passionate about something, smoothens up the way, by huge margins.

For aspiring YouTubers who want to run a successful channel, there are some essential things to look forward to.

If you are passionate about dancing, singing, or even acting, then YouTube is one of the best platforms to showcase your talent and reach out to billions of people, with just a single click.

On a small scale, you can start producing and recording content, even with the 6-inch smartphone screen, holding one in your hand, perhaps, right now.

The starting need not be expensive!

You should start with the equipment, you already own, and there isn’t a need for some “definitive professional setup” until you have the money to spend. And spoiler alert, the cameras do cost a lot!

On the other hand, if you record your performance from a smartphone, and upload it over the net, with some minimal editing costs, the whole process would become affordable, and you will not have to cut corners for the price.

And, if you look, then for a start-up, it’s not a bad start. Every business starts on a small scale.

Don’t forget Jeff Bezos’ Amazon, started from a hut; Apple, Google, IBM and, Dell, all started from a garage.

You may still be between well coated four walls, and that’s more than enough.

On YouTube, the next step is to have an AdSense account. Google’s AdSense account will help you in collecting revenue.

Creating an AdSense account isn’t difficult. It’s a small process, with great surprises awaiting, at the other end.

You will be able to customize all the advertisements that fit into your video, and it’s the advertisement, through which all the YouTubers earn money.

Yes, you read it correctly, and likes, shares or subscribers don’t bring you money! It’s the advertisements. And the more the number of times the ad is played, the more money you will earn.

Indirectly, it comes down to the fact that you need viewers to earn money. And that is, directly proportional to the quality and usefulness of the content you produce.

Today, the amount of resources youth have reached out to, is just unbelievable, and even the touch of technological advancements creates an advantage.

Creating your channel, with a logo, and a unique name can be very beneficial in the long run. You can earn some serious money if your channel starts attracting people, and if it reaches out to the targeted audience. 

The best part of this career choice is that, if your content is rich in quality and if you are capable enough to keep some eyeballs glued to your video for a significant period, then you will kill the notion of “slim chances of earning money, over YouTube”.

At the same time, you must also take care of the fact that earning money should become the byproduct of your quality content, and it should never be the primary purpose of entering YouTube.

Over some time, I have personally noticed a lot of YouTubers scaling up their channel, after 6-7 years of hard work and miserable failures. But at the moment, they are one of the top YouTubers, across the globe.

Once you get going and are motivated enough to produce content, for an extended period, then you are on the right path, and handling everything shouldn’t be a problem.

Most people give an excuse that there ain’t sufficient opportunities, available out there for them. You never know who might approach you for a collaboration. Big Brands, firms, etc. always keep an eye over influencers and entrepreneurs who are sweating in some creative field. They say,

Work until your idols become your rivals,

and that day nobody knows what will be your value. It may be a next Hotmail or WhatsApp.

Therefore, an idle yet strong thought of uploading your voice, or moves over YouTube can change your life within a second.

You can become a great reviewer or a singer with one of the most melodious voice, or one of the best choreographers on planet Earth. You may have a latent talent, and while reading this text, you may have also realized that YouTube can prove to be an excellent resource for you.

Until a teenager, you wouldn’t have thought of producing content for a platform as great as YouTube and the future is going to be more digital only. Things are changing daily. There is something new every day in this field.

Watching videos was the only square, where all of us fitted adequately.

But being part of this creative cycle, you must remember one thing.

Produce more than what you consume.

That’s the formula, and with that, you can climb the charts!

In a developing country like ours, it’s difficult to trace a path, which wasn’t meant to be traced. And a career, which isn’t followed by many, can question your motivation, and also your heart. But don’t forget that you can yourself become an icon and let others binge watch your content!

Be a brave heart, create an AdSense account, and sit back and enjoy the show called life.