God is always with you

Many people fear in life from doing anything new. Before they start anything new, they stop in their tracks due to fear of failure. Their biggest excuse is that they have not done anything of a similar nature hence they will fail in that new attempt.

Then they think God should come and tell them how they can do it without fail. They want to make everything foolproof before they start it. The result is they never start anything. They implicate themselves in analysis paralysis.

It so happened with a devotee that he once had a dream that he was with God and was traveling in the sky.

Concurrently on a screen, his past life scenes were being shown to him by God. He could see all his life journey with God and also two separate footprints all along the path where God was with him, in the film.

God told him that he was all along with him and hence everywhere two footprints were seen on the screen.

However, the man was not convinced. He asked himself, ”How come that God was with me and I could not do anything worthwhile on the earth. When I had failed in my business and had lost everything where was God then.”

Then suddenly he found on the screen that at some places there was only one footprint. He blurted, ”What about these single footprints God, were you not with me at these times in my life when I was most troubled and down and needed you most”.

The God said smilingly to him,” My dear son, how can it be that  I was not with you. Actually, these were your most troubled times in life and I had lifted you in my hands because you were almost dead and could not walk on these times. These single footprints are mine, not yours”.

So whenever you feel tumbled, floundered and down in the mouth by failures, imagine yourself lifted up in hands of the God.  And believe, with God everything is possible. So think big, get up once more, dream big and achieve big.

Your creator is always with you.