Fake it till you make it

You have two minds in your brain, Conscious, and Subconscious. The conscious mind is analytical and uses reasoning for everything while the subconscious is subjective and is servile to the conscious mind. Whatever our conscious mind will confirm to the subconscious, it will make that the reality before us. Thus our subconscious mind is also a master of our achievements. It is thus our servile master and we have to tame it.

Whatever you focus yourself on or whatever you think most of the time it expands. If you concentrate on success, you will get it and if you concentrate on failure you will also get it. Most people concentrate on failure and they get it. When people start or don’t want to start anything they start with the idea of failure. But when you fill yourself with the idea of your success, whatever it is — wealth, fame, lifestyle, big business or some art— whatever then you make it happen.

You can make this exercise in your visualization. When you visualize your success already achieved, even when you have not achieved it and you act like it has happened for you, it becomes reality within no time. We call it, “Fake it till you make it.” Your subconscious mind can’t differentiate between actual and simulated experiences. Learn to convince your conscious mind that you have achieved your success. Create your success in your thoughts, and it will give a command to your subconscious mind to make it a reality for you.

Your every minute, every moment should show you film of your success, live to you, in the eyes of your mind, and your mind will show you the same film in physical reality when first you see this film in your imagination.

Everything is created twice– says Stephen R Covey, the author of ‘7 Habits of highly effective people’, – first in your mind and then in reality. If you have an obsession for your dreams and goals, then you will succeed without any doubt. The more you visualize your success in your mind the earlier you succeed.

The Roger Bannister Mindset

Before 1954, it was a belief that nobody can run a mile in less than 4 minutes and the best time was credited to Sweden’s Gunder Haegg, who ran the mile in 4 minutes and 1.4 seconds in 1945.  it became a barrier as it was believed that no man could attempt it without causing significant physical harm to his body until one day Roger Bannister, at a field and track event in London, in 1954 physically ran a mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds.

How He did it? He did this miracle by rehearsing in his mind this thing several times such that he made his nervous system to believe that it can be done and thus creating enough reference for his belief. And see, John Landy—an accomplished runner and Roger’s rival, just fifty-six days after Roger smashed the mental barrier, too broke his own mental wall and ran the mile in 3 minutes and 57.9 seconds.

Within next one year of this, 37 other athletes had also done this and in the next one year, 300 other athletes had also done it.

So how this happened? Did the athletes’ bodies suddenly get stronger? Was there new technology to improve the runners’ shoes? Did training methods get enhanced? Did athletes simply try harder?

None of the above, really. It’s just that mental barrier—the self-limiting belief that a mile can’t be run in under four minutes—shattered.

Don’t tell your mind what it can not do

We are all like that and we all have our limiting beliefs about what we can achieve, and what we can’t. Our success is limited by those limiting belief barriers. Even our effort is often restricted by those barriers. We don’t try, because we see those barriers.

Henry Ford was right when he said,” If your mind doesn’t know what it cannot do, it will do that”.

Life is all about breaking mental barriers. Dreaming the impossible dreams.

  If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t you are right.

– Henry Ford.

In yet another example, once a student fell asleep in his tuition class and woke up only when the class was dismissed to find two problems written on the blackboard. He thought it was homework and noted down the problems in a hustle.

Reaching home, he attempted those problems but could not solve. But he Kept on trying those throughout the week and he solved both the problems. When he told the teacher in the class, that he had solved the problems, the teacher and all the students were didn’t believe him as those two problems were written by the teacher on the blackboard for the students to solve but none of the students could solve those problems as both the problems were unsolvable. The teacher had also accepted it. But since that student was sleeping in the class at that time, so his mind didn’t receive that command that these problems cannot be solved, and it did solve the problems.

So your mind can find a solution to anything if it is not told what it can’t do. Also, the things which are seen as impossible in normal circumstances can be done in emergencies.

We have heard of the lifting of whole cars by a mom or a dad when their child was trapped under the car and needed lifting of the car by a few inches. Also, we have heard of stories of face to face real life human fights with lion or tigers to save our life or life of a beloved. How do we define this phenomenon? Even scientists have not been able to give reasons for such supernatural acts of human.

The only explanation for such feats without application of any science is that we are unlimited and our capacities are unlimited. We should believe in this notion and work for our success. It is possible for a man to believe in himself and attempt seemingly impossible things and succeed.

So you need to remove mental barriers. Don’t ever teach or tell your mind what it can not do. Keep your attitude always ready to soar high with I-CAN attitude.