Change Someone’s Life and You May End Up Changing Yours

Do you remember a person who made a major impact on your life? Your mom, dad, brother, sister, teacher, coach or neighbor. There are many people who make positive as well as negative changes in us for our lifelong learning.

Someone who gave you a big opportunity in your job, business or profession or your first sales job.

When you think about that person you become indebted to him forever. You pray for his well-being and long life to God.

Most of the people we come across in our life are doing their hustle. May be their jobs, business or professions but what they do to us by their advice makes them stand out of the rest. A teacher building your dreams, encouraging you to become great in life instead of disparaging you. A parent extending their every help for your life advancement. A neighbor wishing for your success in exams, someone helping pay your fees for education.

Pay for somebody’s education, donate blood to someone, say words of encouragement to someone to make his day.

Say words of encouragement to a traffic policeman who is standing whole day in scorching heat with attention on a road crossing listening to horns and imbibing the smoke of your vehicles. He is doing a grueling job and a few words of compassion can make his day.

Express empathy for someone handicapped. Help someone blind or handicapped to cross the road. Encourage a girl child to go to school.

The words you tell a child to become something big in life may change their life.

The power of your appreciation or depreciation

When Victor Serebriakoff was 15 his school teacher labeled him a dunce and with this label, he kept doing various jobs for the next 17 years and acted like a dunce.

At 32 a test revealed that he had an IQ of 161. And suddenly he was a hit guy. He completely transformed himself into an intellectual and wrote books, secured patents in his name, he went on to become chairman of the International Mensa Society.

Did he suddenly get a super brain doze? No. But when he came to know about his IQ he started thinking like that and his subconscious transformed him likewise.

It is true you are what you think. So mind it you don’t know who is going to turn tomorrow into a Victor Serebriakoff.

Don’t allow somebody to label you a dunce because it is sure you are not one. Also, don’t worry if your IQ is not 161. You may be having something else in place of a super IQ. Sachin had cricket passion, Bill Gates had a computer knack, Beethoven had a music acumen, Amitabh Bachchan had an acting talent and so on.

You find out, what is your Knack?

Words work miracles.

A gentleman was in a hurry at a railway station to catch the morning local train. He was alighting staircase in a hurry. He saw a boy sitting at the platform and he thought something and threw two dollars in the pot with the boy and hustled to catch the train. But instantly came back to the boy an picked up 4 pencils from his glass and told him I thought I should take my pencils after all you are also a businessman and rushed again to board the train.

After some days he was in a get together where a young boy came up to him and wished him saying, “Sir good morning, do you recognize me?” He said no. The boy introduced himself, “I am the same beggar who was begging at the station that day but you came and gave me two dollars and took pencils telling me that after all, I was also a businessman. Those pencils were also given to me by a child who had no money to give me.

That day my soul humiliated me and I woke up to start my small business of selling magazines on the train and today I am also a businessman and I have my own newspaper vending business. I am thankful to you that you awakened me that day.”

So a beggar turned into a businessman because somebody called him a businessman. Many times our soul gets hurt or inspired by the words we hear from people about us.  

Therefore, in addition to our help we do to others by our money, time and resources a great help to people maybe our words for them. If we encourage and appreciate people for their work then they try to live that and in turn start doing good work. Everyone in this world has something good in them. We can always find that good in people for their betterment and tell them.

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