A page of a book a day keeps mediocrity away.

Similar to the old adage, “An apple a day keeps a doctor away” I have found that reading a page of a good book a day keeps mediocrity, failures, and unhappiness away in your life.


Because books are mirrors; they don’t teach you but they show you what you already have inside you.

The more you know about your inner self the more enlightened you become, the more enlightened you become the more you are able to reduce environmental effects in your life.

Poverty, unhappiness, mediocrity are outer effects on your Self. Internally or originally your self is supreme power of this universe there is no mediocrity, poverty, unhappiness or lack in it. It is the master of the universe even when it has no physical possessions, wealth and fake smiles.

Your ultimate power does not lie in money, comforts and physical things of this universe but it lies in your true self. You are the fountain of happiness and wealth. No physical thing of this universe can ever surpass the power of your inner Self to create happiness and enlightenment in your life.

There have been umpteen sages who had no physical possessions of this world but billionaires flocked to see them and learn the secrets of success and happiness in life from them. They taught this world the ultimate knowledge which empowers one to achieve that ultimate bliss in life, after which nothing remains to be achieved in life.

So, get up and empower yourself to get that ultimate bliss from your inside. Start reading a page of a good book a day.

If you want success, ‘Don’t be unapologetic about your ambitions’

When you have designed your dreams and are ready to work for your dreams you get very enthusiastic and you start sharing your dream with everybody you meet in your friend circle, relations and others. You should actually not disclose your dream to anybody. Why? It loses energy. People start reacting and their comments affect you. However, if you already have, then don’t be apologetic to it.

Now it is better for you to work on your dream silently and let your success alone make the noise. Naysayers will also try to deflate your dreams. Don’t let anybody steal your dreams. Eat it, sleep it, drink it, get obsessed with it, the more you focus on it your dream expands.

Your burning desire should be so intense that the question of whether it will happen or not changes to when it will happen. End that uncertainty whether it will happen or not. Only those dreams become a reality which are full of burning desire. Visualize it, live in the eyes of your mind like a pregnant would-be mother, visualizes her child in the actual world. She starts knitting gloves, socks, head cap for her little child even before he comes in this world. She buys cribs and other paraphernalia for her coming child. She doesn’t have even an iota of doubt in her mind about her dream of becoming a reality.

Then why people have doubt about your dreams not becoming a reality. It is because they have not decided finally about realizing their dreams.

Your dreams were included in your ticket to this life.

Once a passenger boarded a sea liner for a long journey of 6 days. He didn’t have enough money to buy the ticket with food. So he thought that he will buy the ticket without food charges and buy some peanuts from outside to save the money. So he bought some peanuts from the market as his food for the 6 days and after buying the ticket at the port boarded the sea liner carrying peanuts packets stealthily with him so that people or Captain may not see them. He went straight to his cabin and, during his journey, hardly came out for anything except two-three times at night. 

When the sea liner reached the destination he tried to escape quickly out of the liner but the captain was standing at the gate to bid farewell to all passengers. So the captain accosted him, “Goodbye, do come again. By the way, where were you, I didn’t see you aboard for all the six days. Not even in the dining hall.” The passenger sheepishly told him that he didn’t have enough money for buying food on the sea liner and for the sake of saving money he had brought peanuts with him and so he didn’t go to the dining hall for all the six days. The captain laughed and told him,” You should have talked to me at least once, I would have told you that the dining charges were included in the price of the ticket”.

Robert Schuller says that dreams come from heaven. So your dream is God-given to you and it was meant for you only. You took birth with the dream included in your life. So it is your own thing. You have already paid for it. Won’t you like to avail the facility which you have already paid for? You should claim it like your birthright otherwise you will have to repent like the person in the sea liner. 

You are on a journey on this sea liner(your life here is like a guest in this world).

Why you want to live your life with peanuts(mediocrity, despair)

when you have paid for gourmet foods(dream included with this life).

Just come out of your cabin(conformity box thinking) and 

ask the captain about food( learn from successful people about how to succeed), 

Take(self serve) your gourmet food in the plates(take action for realizing your dream) and 

have your gourmet food(fruits of success) 

on the sea liner(in the world). 

Above is your story, in short,  on this planet. 

Have faith in your creator and start working for your dream today only.

Victor Frankl, an Austrian neurologist, and psychiatrist as well as a survivor of Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Kaufering and Türkheim; Nazi concentration camps, has said,

“Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life… Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated. Thus, everyone’s task is as unique as is his specific opportunity to implement it .”

Decide today, what is your dream, and work on it to realize it before you are handed over your return ticket to your creator.

The Road to Success

Road to success, at first, is full of sufferings, and then full of blessings.You can choose your sufferings. Your suffering is directly proportional to your blessings. No pain, no gain. More pain, more gain. Choose your sufferings and get your blessings. It is inexorable, infallible Law of Compensation. — Mahesh Jethmalani.

Responsibility, oneness, and Success.

Every now and then we see that a lot of people live lives, they themselves deplore. But then they do not change. Rather don’t want to change. Their reasons being excuses why they initially couldn’t become, succeed in what they wanted to be, do in life.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are.” The people who get on in this world are people who get up and look for circumstances they want and if they don’t find them they make them.

We must take responsibility for our life, and what we make of it. We hold the key to our destiny. It is not the stars, horoscopes, people, country, language, our height, our weight, our color, our creed, our age, money, our education, our family background, our skills or anything else that determines our destiny. We and only we are responsible for what we are today, and nobody else. Period.

Only you can live your life for you, only you can succeed for you.

— Mahesh Jethmalani

Stories are galore wherein people from all walks of life with hundreds of limitations have succeeded big time, in whatever they wanted to do or become in life. Most of them were like us: common man, not highly educated, college dropouts, with very little formal education, from poor families, from small nondescript places, with little or no money on hand.

But they had their vision in their minds, eyes, and souls. They looked painted all over with that vision, with that dream of theirs. They ate their dreams, drank their dreams, slept their dreams and even feigned their dreams. They had only dreams to live their life.

When you have but only one thing to live by, one thought in your mind, when you saturate your mind with one thought, then that thought becomes your reality. Because this is the rule, make your inner Self one with that desire, dream or goal and you will realize that one thing.

You lose when you fail to make it one with your inner Self. Dualism is your failure everywhere in life. Ambiguity, doldrums, two names, two profiles, two religions, two roads, two boats, whatever it is, they lead you nowhere.

You have to select one of them. You have to tell God where you want to go.

When people see you, obsessed with your dream, they will invariably do their work. They will tell you, that you have gone nuts, you are on wrong track, you can’t do it but then you have to become like a moth, that singes itself in the fire; you have to become like a bee, that puts life in her sting and dies after it stings you. You have to take that one course. Do or die. You have to give your all to it. Only this resolve will bring success to you.

So to succeed decide that one thing, what you want in your life.

Take responsibility.

Believe in yourself.

Take massive action.

Never quit.

Success is always yours.