December 2019

A page of a book a day keeps mediocrity away.

Similar to the old adage, “An apple a day keeps a doctor away” I have found that reading a page of a good book a day keeps mediocrity, failures, and unhappiness away in your life.


Because books are mirrors; they don’t teach you but they show you what you already have inside you.

The more you know about your inner self the more enlightened you become, the more enlightened you become the more you are able to reduce environmental effects in your life.

Poverty, unhappiness, mediocrity are outer effects on your Self. Internally or originally your self is supreme power of this universe there is no mediocrity, poverty, unhappiness or lack in it. It is the master of the universe even when it has no physical possessions, wealth and fake smiles.

Your ultimate power does not lie in money, comforts and physical things of this universe but it lies in your true self. You are the fountain of happiness and wealth. No physical thing of this universe can ever surpass the power of your inner Self to create happiness and enlightenment in your life.

There have been umpteen sages who had no physical possessions of this world but billionaires flocked to see them and learn the secrets of success and happiness in life from them. They taught this world the ultimate knowledge which empowers one to achieve that ultimate bliss in life, after which nothing remains to be achieved in life.

So, get up and empower yourself to get that ultimate bliss from your inside. Start reading a page of a good book a day.